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Author: Jonathan Fukudawa


In a new age, where the world has denied Christianity and is condemned to live under the control of demonic entities, the Crossbearers, once called Christians, are now in the eyes of the world a terrorist organization hunted by the authorities.

The young Kalixte Pilgrim is one of them, he decides to leave in search of the Celestial City in order to meet God and thus free himself from the curse that has been attributed to him. During his journey, he will have to


face the darkness that holds the secret of his painful past but also of his cursed destiny that he rejects so much. To carry out this fight, he has the Spirit Sword, a sword born from the power of the Word of God.

Note of intent : This story is inspired by John Bunyan's novel (The Pilgrim's Journey) as well as the Holy Book of Revelation. It is not and does not intend to be an absolute truth which is and will always be the Holy Bible. This work will focus on the negative feelings of man such as rejection, persecution, regret or loneliness. These feelings will be represented by the darkness in which a man bathes and fights daily. Sadness and loneliness are doors to our soul. Smile and watch, because if these doors are open... The devil accompanied by darkness will haunt you.

Jonathan Fukudawa


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